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Welcome to the exciting online world of lacrosse4kids! We are thrilled to introduce our new website born from the release of our first children’s book, The ABCs of Girls’ Lacrosse. We hope to foster a fascination, education, and joy in this incredible sport for the youngest initiates into the game of lacrosse. Lacrosse has been an integral part of our lives and we want to share the passion!

Start young, is our philosophy, so we endeavor to make it easy to introduce and explore lacrosse for the future generations of players. As we begin both our literary and world wide web journey, we hope to have a range of infant to kids’ lacrosse themed apparel and accessories for sale, as well as our first book and those that follow.

Little Lacrosse Player

Kristen’s daughter, Ella, goes for her first ground ball!

Kristen Receives Top Honors

Kristen continues to earn recognition in the lacrosse community and beyond. On July 29, 2017 she joined the ranks of talented Eastern Massachusetts lacrosse standouts who have been inducted into US Lacrosse’s Hall of Fame.

The class of 2017 Eastern Massachusetts inductees include three women and four men. US Lacrosse recognized the many accomplishments of Kristen and her fellow inductees during a reception at Harvard Stadium and at half-time during the Boston Cannons game on July 29.  In addition to recognizing the athletes at the game, inductees received commemorative plaques to mark the occasion.

“Kristen and her fellow inductees are no strangers to winning titles, accolades, and more,” said James Carboneau, chairman of the Eastern Massachusetts Hall of Fame for US Lacrosse. “They embody the triumphant spirit of athletes who not only succeed on their respective playing fields but also make positive contributions to schools, programs, and communities.”

For Kristen, her impact goes … [read more]

Did You See Us in The Boston Globe?

We’re excited to share our press coverage of author Kristen Kjellman Marshall’s interview with The Boston Globe. Globe Reporter Paul Kandarian recently talked to Kristen about the creation of and inspiration for The ABCs of Girls’ Lacrosse as well as our goals for the children’s books.

We hope both The ABCs of Girls’ Lacrosse and The ABCs of Boys’ Lacrosse will help educate and foster interest in the sport for our next generation of athletes.

View the full article in The Boston Globe here!

Summer Lacrosse Camps

Summer is a wonderful time of year, full of sunshine, BBQs, and, of course, lacrosse camps! Lacrosse camps offer young children and standout athletes alike great opportunities to refine their skills and stay sharp in the off-season.

Our authors Max Seibald and Kristen Kjellman Marshall will be instructors at several different lacrosse camps this summer. Now is the time to register if you’re interested in attending. Check out their schedules, and maybe we’ll see you on the field this summer!

Some of Max’s Camps include:

Emory University’s Boys Lacrosse Camp in Georgia:

Alpha DTS New Jersey Lacrosse Camp in Somerset, New Jersey:

NJY Specialty Lacrosse Camp:

And Kristen’s:

Pro Lacrosse Camp in Lexington, Massachusetts:

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