Lacrosse 4 Kids

Book Reviews

“I bought this book for my son and he just loves it! The illustrations are outstanding and the colors are very bright and vivid. Each term has an illustration that complements its explanation. The content of each page contains just the right amount of information and is very easy to understand. I can tell that the author carefully thought about each letter and how it relates to the sport of lacrosse. Not only will it teach my son about this sport, it will also reinforce his knowledge of the alphabet. I would highly recommend this book for all ages, even adults. It is fun to read with a child and does a great job of teaching about lacrosse.”

—Marnie Stein

“Written by one of the most gifted men’s lacrosse players of this generation in collaboration with an emerging children’s author, The ABCs of Boys Lacrosse will entertain parents and young boys interested in the fastest growing team sport in America. With superb illustrations and descriptions, Seibald and Kjellman provide a unique lens on how lacrosse is played, its blend of team and individual skills, its unique heritage, and the sheer fun of the game”

—Mat Levine, player, coach, and organizer of lacrosse in New York City

The ABCs of Boys Lacrosse is a new favorite. The book is a great way to introduce my son to the world of sports, specifically lacrosse. Children benefit from an easy-to-read description of the game and fun illustrations. I love it!”

—Amanda S.

The ABCs of Girls’ Lacrosse is a creative and substantive introduction to lacrosse for kids, but, also an engaging read for enthusiasts of all ages. Readers will finish the book with a basic understanding of the game and its history, but perhaps more importantly, an insight into the fun, competitiveness, and passion found by so many in lacrosse.”

—Ashley Gersuk Murphy/CEO, Summit Lacrosse Ventures

“The bright, colorful illustrations really grabbed the attention of my little ones. The simplicity makes it a great starter book for girls’ lacrosse.”

—Suzy M., mother of four

“As the mom of children involved in every other sport, it is a fun addition to my children’s book library to expose them to the wonderful world of a sport that we didn’t know well, until reading The ABCs of Girls’ Lacrosse.”

—Jill D., mother of non-lacrosse players!

“As a father of two young girls who play, and the coach of a girls town program, this book is a fun way to share the joys of lacrosse with the future stars of our great game. The smiles on their faces as they read it with me, said it all! This book should be given to every young girl as an introduction to lacrosse!”

—Russ Moyer, Pelham Lady Outlaws Lacrosse